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SHERIDAN — Sheridan County’s commissioners approved a joint resolution Tuesday to approve a proposition to continue the Capital Facilities Tax when the current initiative expires.

The last renewal of the tax was in 2009, when voters agreed to put away 1 percent of every purchase for county infrastructure improvements. Instead of having a definitive stop date, the tax ends when the goal amount of $25 million is reached.

County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller said that goal will likely be reached by June of next year, so now is the time to get the process started to renew the tax, which, she said, provides vital funding to local governments.

“I’d hate to think of what would happen if it didn’t pass,” she said.

Obermueller said this year’s proposal would renew the 1 percent sales tax for an extended period of time.

“We’re going for $40 million this year because it seems like five years just happens overnight,” she said.

Of the $40 million, more than $22.9 million would be allotted for infrastructure improvements to streets, storm and sanitary sewers, water lines and other public facilities in the city of Sheridan.

The county would receive $12.6 million for roads, bridges and facilities.

The rest of the funds would be divided up proportionally between the towns of Ranchester and Dayton, who would get $1.9 million each.

The town of Clearmont would be allotted $560,000.

Commissioner Steve Maier reiterated the tax is not a new burden to county residents, and shoppers would see no change in the current purchase prices of items in relation to what they are now.

Obermueller said she plans to launch a public education campaign so that when the special election rolls around, voters will be fully informed about the proposition.

“We’re very accountable regarding where this money goes,” Obermueller said.

“The county, the city and other municipalities rely on this money for all of our projects,” Maier said.

The proposition will be put up for a public vote Nov. 5.

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