America’s racism

Re: Zimmerman trial

Is anyone else as tired as I am of the race baiting going on since the Zimmerman/Martin trial? Here’s some facts.

• The last census shows blacks make up 13 percent of the total population of the U.S. FBI statistics say that black males perpetuate 50 percent of the violent crime in the U.S. and that 91 percent of black deaths from violence are perpetrated by other blacks. These stats alone indicate black-on-black violence is the main threat to blacks, not white-on-black (WOB) violence.

• Racist commentary abounds from the media when there is a WOB incident. But the many instances of black-on-white crime barely make the news. There’s been a rash of whites being beaten by groups of blacks screaming, “This is for Trayvon!” There’s the case near Orlando, Fla. of two black teens who pulled a 50-year-old white man from his car and beat him with a hammer almost killing him. Or the pregnant restaurant manager in Detroit killed by three black teens who just wanted to kill a white person. Then the case of De’Marquise Elkins (black) who shot Sherry West and her 13 month-old son (died) after finding out she had no money. These stories don’t get near the coverage as WOB crimes?

• George Zimmerman was constantly portrayed by the media as racist even though an FBI investigation found no evidence. His prom date was a black girl and he tutored black children. Trayvon Martin was portrayed as an innocent little boy sporting angel’s wings with no mention of his history of drug use and street violence. Anyone trying to talk about problems in the black communities that contribute to the high crime rates are immediately labeled as racist. Problems like the high rate of disintegration of the family structure and loss of traditional moral values in the black communities. Seventy-three percent of black children (highest of any race) are raised in single-parent homes where children are commonly unsupervised, undisciplined, allowed to use and sell drugs and not encouraged to stay in school. That, combined with their apparent wish to remain mired in the ignorance of a victim and entitlement mentality that the Democrats have promoted for decades, makes them slaves to their current socioeconomic state.

Anyone suggesting that their state in life could be improved by a bit of hard work, an education and a return to traditional values of marriage and a strong work ethic are derided as uncaring racists.


Dale Rath



By |August 2nd, 2013|

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