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SHERIDAN — Sheridan’s historic district boasts an array of racks and tables on the sidewalks this weekend in commemoration of Crazy Days.

While this weekend’s summer outdoor sales coincide with the Sheridan County Fair and the Big West Arts Festival, Crazy Days is an independent, long standing Sheridan tradition.

Robbie Smith has owned Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery with her husband for 20 years, and has participated in Crazy Days every year. She’s one of many shop owners who have a varied display of wares priced to sell and set up on a card table in front of her shop window.

A veteran of the Main Street scene, Smith uses Crazy Days to move merchandise.

“We always have some things that don’t sell for us at regular price so it’s a good way to mark them down and let people have a fun time finding a bargain,” she said.

Jessica Joseph has been in business a few years, but this is her first time experiencing Crazy Days as a Main Street business owner. She left a less conspicuous location off of Coffeen Avenue earlier this year for a floor space downtown.

Joseph said she’s using her first Crazy Days to let people know there’s more to her store than many might think.

“I put a lot of women’s stuff out to advertise,” Joseph said. “A lot of people walk in and only see kids clothing, and think that’s all I have. Most people don’t realize I have that and men’s clothing as well.”

Joseph also seized the opportunity to get ready for a seasonal transition in merchandise.

“I have all my summer stuff on sale, and I figured I could start moving some of it out so people can get good deals and still enjoy it until it gets colder outside,” she said.

One common thread both business owners agreed upon is the uptick in foot traffic makes for a more interesting workday.

“Sometimes, we see people we don’t see that often,” Smith said. “It’s fun when you’re the person that gets to sit outside and monitor the merchandise. You see lots of different people.”

Joseph agreed.

“There are a lot of people here from out of town, and I hope they come by and check it out,” she said.

Crazy Days is Thursday through Saturday this week at businesses throughout Sheridan.

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